Founder FAQs

Our model is different so we want to ensure you have what you need to make the best decision for your business.

More FAQs to Come
At what stage does COLLAB invest?
In general we look at a combination of the following metrics to start our evaluation.

Product: Even if it is a pieced-together Minimum Viable Product (MVP) we’ll happily take a look. Our model requires some proof so we don’t invest if the capital will be spent on your MVP. If you have questions or need resources to get your MVP launched connect with Collab Studio here.

Revenue: As mentioned in the Product criteria, we need some evidence that customers will pay full price for your product. A free, deeply discounted, or pre-revenue concept is probably too early for us. At the low end we will take a look at companies generating around $2k in monthly revenue and invest in companies up to about $1m in annual revenue.

Path to Customer: Our model works best if there is a pathway to revenue, so we like to see at least some evidence of acquiring customers outside of your immediate network (friends, family, colleagues).

Please note that like most savvy investors, we will occasionally invest outside of these parameters so please don’t consider these as absolute. We strive to be helpful and still want to hear about your company.

What is the typical investment size?
We invest between $150k – $1M.
Do you invest outside of Atlanta
Yes! Currently, we are able to invest in the US and US Territories.
Does my business need to be a C-Corp, LLC, etc?
We do not have a strong preference for one particular business structure. Our model works well with a C-Corp or LLC.
Are you making investments right now?
Not quite. We are actively evaluating companies to start capital deployments in late 2020. Want us to take a look at your company now? Click here to start the conversation.
Is this an accelerator?
No. Our job is to provide you with the resources needed to grow but we don’t like the idea of “cramming” growth into 12 to 14 weeks and focusing on demo days.
Will there be mentors?
Yes! We’re constantly working to build one of the best advisory and mentorship programs in the World. Unlike other programs that may provide a wide range of mentors, we take the time to find the right team to support you and your company goals. Know someone who should be a mentor, please send an email to mentors [at]
Does COLLAB determine my salary as a founder?
No. Our model considers salary parameters that we evaluate with founders. As with any business, allocating too much salary to team members can hinder growth and the ability to do other mission-critical things, so we provide guidance but don’t dictate terms.

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